Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

UNSC Members, Govt Leaders Meet Behind Closed Doors

UNSC Members, Govt Leaders  Meet Behind Closed Doors

KABUL - A senior delegation of United Nations Secretary Council (UNSC) held talks with Afghan government leadership on Sunday where they reportedly discussed a wide range of issues including security and ongoing developments in the political fronts.
Sources say government will announce essentials of the visit by the UN Security Council members to Afghanistan once the delegation completes its visit. 
The visit is taking place under tight security measures as Afghan security forces cordoned off many roads close to the Presidential Palace and diplomatic facilities in the city.
Some residents of Kabul complained about road closures in the city on Sunday.
“I left home at six o’clock in the morning and now it is 10am and I finally managed to arrive here (in Wazir Akbar Khan area). All these are going on because of the visit, a lot of meetings have been held on Afghanistan in the past,” said one resident in Kabul Mohammad Yaqoub.
“Our people never tried to achieve an agreement when there is a rift. People come from abroad to resolve these issues,” Mohammad Rafi, a resident of Kabul, said in reference to ongoing political scenario between government and Jamiat-e-Islami Party. 
According to government sources, the delegation includes 15 members of UN Security Council and US ambassador to Afghanistan.
“Government’s leadership should inform the delegation about the overall issues in Afghanistan. Government should also inform the delegation about the bases of insurgents and clarify that who are really sponsoring them so that a firm and comprehensive action is taken about it,” Gul Ahmad Azimi, a senator, told TOLOnews.
“They (UN Security Council members) are here (in Kabul) to have a real image from the political and security situation in Afghanistan,” said NajibaHussaini, a senator.
The UN Security Council members are likely to ponder on the complaints of Afghanistan on the issue of terrorist groups operating in Pakistani territory including Pakistan’s deliberate missile attacks on the border regions of Afghanistan.  (Tolonews)