Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, December 3rd, 2023

Turkish Investors to Invest in Afghan Mines

Turkish Investors to Invest in Afghan Mines

KABUL - Turkish investors have shown interest to invest in Afghan mines, mines minister said on Sunday.

More than 25 Turkish investors are presently in Kabul looking into ways to invest in mines in particular in copper deposits and oil fields.

Turkey is one of the biggest industrial countries and has long cooperated with the Afghan government to build fundamentals and improve social life.

"They are keen to make investments on power generation and many other projects," Wahidullah Shaharani, Afghan Mines Minister, told TOLOnews.

Jahan, head delegate of Turkish investors, told TOLOnews that "our investors are eager to invest in mine extraction and production of cement in Afghanistan. And we encourage other Turkish investors to come here and invest in other fields."

Using Afghan mines capacities to increase government incomes, the government has planned to put oil fields on tender, officials say.

Last week a number or Italian investors visited Afghanistan in a bid to invest in a marble mine located in western Herat province. (Tolo News)