Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, December 14th, 2018

US Forces to Stay in Afghanistan Till War is Ended: Barmak

US Forces to Stay in Afghanistan  Till War is Ended: Barmak

KABUL - Afghanistan’s acting minister of interior affairs, Wais Ahmad Barmak, has said that the US forces are expected to stay in Afghanistan until the ongoing war comes to an end.
Barmak made the remarks while explaining his working agenda to the members of Afghan parliament on Saturday.
Some MPs opposing Barmak’s appointment in the post of minister of interior said his remarks were nothing but hallow slogans.
According to Barmak, some officers in the interior ministries have not been promoted for fifteen years.
In line with US president Donald Trump’s new war strategy involving Afghanistan and South Asia, a security official says some of the decisions regarding the war in Afghanistan will be taken by the US and that the US will not leave Afghanistan unless there was an end to the fighting.
“For as long as the present situation in the country does not change and the enemy continues its intervention against the Afghans and our national sovereignty, the NATO forces will stay alongside us,” said Barmak.
“Security threats have been identified for the next five years. The five-year national security plans are in place,” said the nominee for the ministry of defense, Tariq Shah Bahrami.
Nominated ministers for the ministries of defense, interior, work and social affairs, mines and petroleum and transport on Saturday delivered their plans to the Wolesi Jirga (the Lower House of Parliament.)
MPs criticized the ministerial nominees, saying that the candidate ministers always pledged to work hard for the people. However past experience shows that they have failed to deliver on their promises after taking charge.
“Past experience shows that some of the honorable ministers come here and change the slogan, but they never bother to address the plight of people and the country once they go from here. As we sit today the country is grappling with a crisis,” said MP Zahra Tokhi.
On Sunday another batch of ministerial nominees, including those for the ministries of the economy, agriculture, communications and IT and for borders and tribal affairs explained their programs to the lawmakers.
Mustafa Mastoor, the nominee for the ministry of economy said that around 11 million Afghan citizens are living below the poverty line.
The parliament is expected to conduct voting on the ministerial nominees next week. (Tolonews)