Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, October 21st, 2018

Unlicensed Companies Importing 87pc of Fuel: ANSA

Unlicensed Companies Importing  87pc of Fuel: ANSA

KABUL - The Afghanistan National Standards Authority (ANSA) cancelled licenses of 58 companies over importing low quality petroleum during the past two years and another 15 companies faced the same charges, an official said on Saturday.
Meanwhile, officials said 87 percent of fuel was imported to the country by companies operating without licenses.
The Wolesi Jirga or lower house of Parliament on Saturday summoned Feroz Masjidi, acting Commerce and Industries Minister and ANSA head Naqibullah Faeq and Ahmad Waled Tamim, head of Fuel Enterprise.
The three officials were summoned to answer questions from lawmakers about the import of low quality petroleum products.
Faeq said ANSA had registered 18,000 tons of low quality crude oil imported to the county in the past six months, adding his organization had rejected 110 tankers of low quality petroleum at sea ports.
In the past two years, licenses of 58 companies involved in import of low quality fuel were canceled and another 15 companies would meet the same fate soon, said the official.
He said ANSA used to fine companies involved in import of low quality petroleum and in case of rejecting the fine, the particular company was referred to the Ministry of Commerce and Industries for canceling its license.
Faeq did not rule out corruption in ANSA, but said low quality fuel imports took place due to the impunity provided by the government.
He said oil tankers had been informed to refrain from importing low quality fuel otherwise they would be dealt with in accordance with the law.
Tamim told lawmakers a total of 261 companies had been awarded licenses for oil import but 87 percent of the fuel was being imported by companies with no license.
He said a draft Petroleum Law had been prepared and the draft would land in the parliament soon to address the existing issues.
He said prices of petroleum products registered only one to two afghanis increase in the past one year in line with international market rates.
He, however, said the price of gas jumped five to seven afghanis per kilo, based on global price.
Commerce and Industries Minister Masjadi said the price of one ton of crude oil surged from $129 to $195 in the international market.
He said the ministry had enough storages for petroleum and necessary measures had been put in place for winter.
Currently one kilogram of gas was accounted for 60 afghanis in the market. (Pajhwok)