Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, December 17th, 2018

Kabul-Jakarta Pledge to Expand Bilateral Ties

Kabul-Jakarta Pledge to  Expand Bilateral Ties

KABUL - Indonesia's Foreign Affairs Minister Retno L.P Marsudi on Monday met with President Ashraf Ghani in Kabul where the two sides pledged to further enhance bilateral ties in all spheres between the two countries.
At the meeting, Ghani also stressed the need for closer ties between religious scholars from the two Muslim nations.
In addition, Ghani expressed his gratitude over what he described as Indonesia's support and cooperation with Afghanistan and said Indonesia has great expertise in a number of fields involving economic development and women empowerment, adding that his government hopes that Indonesia shares these skills with Afghanistan.
Ghani also urged the Indonesian minister to encourage Indonesian investors to invest in Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, the Indonesian embassy said in a press release that Marsudi also met with the Chairman of the High Peace Council (HPC), Mohammad Karim Khalili, and the acting foreign affairs minister Salahuddin Rabbani.
"We are thankful of your support to the peace process in Afghanistan and your willingness to contribute in this sphere," said Khalili.
In turn, the Indonesian minister voiced her appreciation for the hospitality she received in Afghanistan.
She said that the friendship between Afghanistan and Indonesia were bound by inter-government ties, adding the Indonesian and Afghan nations have experienced brotherly relations in various fields over the course of time.
Marsudi was also expected to visit the Indonesian Embassy in Kabul to meet the Indonesian community and to sign the inauguration of the establishment of Indonesian Islamic Center which is in Ahmad Sha Baba Mina of Kabul.
This is only the second time an Indonesian foreign minister has visited the country. The last time was when former Indonesian president Soekarno and then minister of foreign affairs of Indonesia, Soebandrio, visited Kabul in 1961.
This visit comes after Ghani's visit to Jakarta in April where a number of agreements were signed. Memorandum of Understandings were signed in five major fields of cooperation: namely education, finance, agriculture, statistics and governance reform.
In an earlier statement issued by the Indonesian Embassy in Kabul, officials said Indonesia wants a stable and peaceful Afghanistan. "Indonesia has adopted a soft power approach based on religious and cultural aspects," the statement read.
The statement indicated that following the establishment of Nahdhatul Ulema Afghanistan (NUA) in Afghanistan in 2010, Indonesia has continued to conduct exchange visits as part of the Ulema program.
"Since 2010, hundreds of Ulama of Afghanistan have visited Indonesia to share best practices and lesson learnt on moderation, justice, tolerance, balance, and participation. This year marks the 7th Anniversary of Indonesian – Afghanistan Conference on promotion peace and human rights."
The embassy said in the statement that Indonesia has also established the Indonesia Islamic Center (IIC) in Kabul. "We have built a mosque accommodating 2,500 congregates there, and soon we will build a district hospital. More developments will come into the complex. Hundreds of Afghan people (national figures, academics, teachers, students and youth) also already participated in the capacity building program in Indonesia."
In addition, the embassy said Indonesia and Afghanistan have promoted welfare and development by having exchange visits for businessmen, workers, technical experts, and business managers.
Indonesia also said it was "grateful to announce that 114 Afghan businessmen participated in the Indonesian Trade Expo in Jakarta, on 11-15 October 2017. Likewise, Indonesian businessmen are currently visiting Kabul to join forces in the promotion of business relations between Indonesia and  Afghanistan in the field of infrastructure and mining projects in Afghanistan." (Tolonews)