Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

Abdullah Asks Politicians to Consider National Interest Supreme

Abdullah Asks Politicians to  Consider National Interest Supreme

KABUL - Reacting to the recent statements from political groups and individuals regarding the Wolesi Jirga and district council election, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah urged national interest to be kept supreme over personal emotions.
Addressing a gathering marking the 10th anniversary of deadliest Baghlan Terrorist Attack, Abdullah said Afghanistan was facing critical situation.
Syed Mustafa Kazemi, head of the Wolesi Jirga Economic Commssion and five other lawmakers Mohammad Arif Zareef, Nazak Mir Sarfaraz, Haji Abdul Matin, Sahib Rahman and Sebghatullah Zaki were killed in a deadliest terrorist attack in Baghlan 10 years back.
“If we don’t understand the current circumstances of the country or failed to properly analysed the situations and moved ahead with growing differences the ground would paved for the enemy to get maximum advantage,” the CEO warned.
He said the situation was extra sensitive and the enemy had not renounce violence and continue to victimize the people of Afghanistan.
He hailed security forces and called on the politicians of the country that the minds of forces should not be confused but there was need to support them unanimously.
The CEO stressed national and public interest should be kept supreme from  personal interest while referring to the statements from different corners recently regarding the unwillingness of government to hold next year Wolesi Jirga election.
Deputy CEO Mohammad Mohaqiq said the Political Parties Council stressed over reforms in election and asked the government to hear the suggestion of the council and implement reforms in the election bodies.
Speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi asked militants to renounce violence and join government initiated reconciliation process. (Pajhwok)