Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, October 21st, 2018

Govt. to Build Two More Dams on Harirod River

Govt. to Build Two More  Dams on Harirod River

KABUL - The Ministry of Energy and Water is working on the procurement process for two dam projects which will be built on the Harirod River in Herat province – in the west of Afghanistan.
The biggest plant on the Harirod River is the Salma Dam built by India.
The budget for Teerpul and Kabgan power dams will be allocated for the Ministry of Energy and Water in the next fiscal year, 2018, the deputy minister of every and water Basir Azimi told TOLOnews.
The project is aimed at controlling the millions of cubic meters of water which flows to neighboring countries every year and to irrigate hundreds of hectares of land, Azimi said.
He added that Teerpul Dam will be built in Kohsan and Ghorian districts in the north west of Herat – 20 kilometers from Afghanistan’s border with Iran.
Meanwhile, Kabgan Dam will be built in Pashtun Zarghon district in the north of Herat.
“These projects are specifically included in our procurement plan. The procurement processes of the two projects are in progress. We will sign contracts with eligible companies which will complete the conditions,” Azimi said.
Meanwhile, Herat residents and members of the provincial council welcomed the move and said it will bring a major change in the country’s economy.
“Many of districts are far and do not benefit from the Salma Dam (in the east of Herat). It will be great if the Teerpul and Kabgan dams are constructed in order to address the needs of the people,” head of Herat provincial council, Kamran Alizaee, said.
“We can foresee a brighter future for Herat’s agriculture and development if the dams are built,” said Jalil Ahmad Mohammadi, a resident of Herat.
“This will make us self-reliant and will prevent the country’s waters from going to waste,” said Ahmad Fahim, a resident of the province.
The construction of Teerpul and Kabgan dams have been under consideration by different governments for the past three decades.
Teerpul will be the third dam after Poozalich Dam in Ghor province and Salma Dam in Herat.  (Tolonews)