Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

2 Million People Roaming Jobless in Afghanistan

2 Million People  Roaming Jobless in Afghanistan

KABUL – As many as two million individuals are unemployed in Afghanistan, said the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (MoLSAMD) on Saturday, adding it was mulling over draft schemes to reduce the level of joblessness.
Acting Minister of MoLSAMD Faizullah Zaki said this during a press conference here held for presenting the ministry’s 3-year activity report.
“Based on the study by the World Bank (WB) about 900,000 of the country’s people eligible for work are unemployed. Thus, we, for creating job opportunities and overcoming these issues, are jointly working with trade unions and employers with regard to devising and executing policies in order to lower the level of unemployment.”
Zaki said about 70,000 youth had graduated from vocational schools over the past three years and one percent of them were absorbed into local and foreign organizations and the rest of others also had find jobs in various spheres.
The minister informed about the organizing of a huge conference in the next two months in Kabul to address the unemployment phenomenon and how to create jobs.
He went on to say that the biometric programme of retirees (computerized registration of identity) was also underway and about 67,000 people’s identities had been so far recorded.
He about the development budget of the ministry said: “Over the past several years, unfortunately the development budget wasn’t expended properly, but this year we have strong will to spend the entire allocated budget.”
According to the ministry’s media wing, this year’s development budget for the ministry is 14 million and 500,000 dollars and so far (fiscal year’s month 10) 45 percent has been spent. (Pajhwok)