Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Rebels Hell-Bent on Fighting to be Crushed

Rebels Hell-Bent on  Fighting to be Crushed

KABUL – The post new-US-strategy era has opened a window for insurgents to renounce violence and join peace process but those still willing to fight would be crushed, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah warned on Saturday.
Abdullah expressed the view during a meet with tribal elders and influential figures from the Central Zone of the country here.
The CEO said the security situation had improved in the country. “With the unveiling of US strategy on Afghanistan, all those irreconcilable insurgents would be annihilated.”
Abdullah admired the US pressure on Pakistan to do more in fight against terrorism, emphasized crushing of insurgents, and unfixed deadline for foreign troops pull out from Afghanistan as main points of the new strategy towards Afghanistan.
He deemed the strategy as a remarkable achievement for Afghanistan, saying those groups who rejected joining the Afghan peace process would be intensely fought against.
The gathering participants while welcoming the US strategy of Afghanistan shared their provinces’ security problems with CEO. “We are waiting to witness the strategy’s implementation and its benefits in terms of improving our country’s security situation.”
The central zone provinces’ influential figures asked CEO to resolve their issues regarding the lack of teachers, studying facilities, resources at education departments, and shortage of expansion, reconstruction and health projects.
CEO Abdullah after listening to the requests and issues of tribal elders said the unity government keeping in mind the facilities at hand would take practical steps in resolving these problems. (Pajhwok)