Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, September 20th, 2018

IEC Determined to Hold Elections on Time

IEC Determined to  Hold Elections  on Time

KABUL – The Independent Election Commission is committed to holding parliamentary and district council elections on time, in July next year, the IEC chief Najibullah Ahmadzai told a press conference on Wednesday.
The IEC chief he said the position taken by a number of political parties against the commission was based on their own political goals and that the IEC could not let this affect the process. 
“The culture of pressurizing (the IEC) for reaching personal goals should be put aside,” he said.
Meanwhile, members of the IEC said rifts among the commissioners have been addressed.
“We admit that there are a number of problems but the commission is committed to making decisions collectively,” said Maazullah Dawlati, an election commissioner.
Wasima Badghisi, operational deputy head of the commission, meanwhile said the assessment of voting centers has been completed.
“Our work is improving and one of the reasons that delayed the assessment of voting centers was insecurity,” she said.
The commission meanwhile asked the National Procurement Committee to take a look at the UAE-based company Prologix’s application to supply all electronic equipment for the elections. This after the commission announced on Thursday that the application had been rejected. 
“We have a limited time and the schedule for elections should not be affected,” said Rafiullah Bedar, an IEC member.
However, the National Procurement Committee said the assessment of Prologix’s application has not been finalized.
“We wait and see when the procurement committee completes its assessment and sends it to us so that we can send our comments if we had any observation on it,” said Najman Bakhtiar, an anti-corruption expert at the procurement committee. (Tolonews)