Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, October 22nd, 2018

Sharing Information with the Public Can ‘Reduce Corruption’

Sharing Information with the  Public Can ‘Reduce Corruption’

KABUL - The Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish on Sunday said at a press conference in Kabul that corruption is the biggest challenge when it comes to good governance and emphasized that sharing information with the people can alleviate the problem.
Officials attending the press conference said there were many problems within government in terms of sharing information with the people.
“In a country like Afghanistan, unfortunately corruption is one of the most serious challenges in the way of governing, giving the public access to information can be one of the most effective ways to fight corruption,” said Danish.
The president’s deputy spokesman Shahhussain Murtazawi meanwhile said the problem of withholding information by government has been resolved but that government is having to deal with a “psychological war”.
“We do not say that the negative incidents should be censored, but all the problems should be reflected in a fair and rational way to help government to bring reforms. But making hopeless comments like there is no future for the government, the country is not heading to positive paths, the future of the people is unknown, has caused over 200,000 Afghans to leave the country in the last year,” said Murtazawi.
The information and culture deputy minister for publication Sayed Aqa Fazil Sancharaki meanwhile said people have a right to information and decisions should not be taken behind closed doors.
Sancharaki said democratic governments never hide information from the people.
“In the democratic governments, the decisions are not made behind closed doors, but are made in front of peoples’ eyes,” said Sancharaki.
Government officials at the press conference said however that in order to overcome the psychological war they are facing and the issue of corruption in government bodies, there was a need to establish a high council of information and culture. (Tolonews)