Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, October 19th, 2018

Special Forces Succeeding in Countering ‘Enemy’ Threats: Ghani

Special Forces Succeeding in  Countering ‘Enemy’ Threats: Ghani

KABUL - President Ghani has rewarded the Special Forces with a month’s super salary for their success in preventing the enemy from achieving their objectives.
President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday met with the heads of Special Forces units at the presidential palace and said “the Afghan special forces were succeeding in preventing enemy threats in the country.”
“With the efforts of these troops, the country’s enemies are not able to attain their goals,” Ghani said. He added that “the Afghan government also thanks its international allies for their training and provision of equipment to special forces.”
Ghani praised the special forces of the country and rewarded them with a month’s super salary for their efforts in countering the threat.
This comes after the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said on Sunday it plans to double the number of special police forces as these forces have performed well in the fight against the insurgents.
This is part of government’s four-year strategy to bolster the strength of the Afghan forces. Under the new plan, the current structure of police special forces will be increased from three to six units.
“The preliminary work for recruitment in these units has started. In the first phase, the programs related to the training of these units will be started. They will be included within the framework of special units,” said Najib Danish, spokesman to MoI.
The Interior ministry says it will focus highly on the process of hiring new recruits who are willing to join the police special units.  (Tolonews)