Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, December 3rd, 2023

Afghan Forces Ready for Security Transition: Azimi

Afghan Forces Ready for Security Transition: Azimi

KABUL - Afghan forces were ready to take over the security responsibility from foreign troops if the international community honored its commitments to the Afghan government, a senior defense official said on Wednesday.

The proposed transition would be irreversible because Afghan forces were capable of dealing with security challenges, defense ministry spokesman, Gen. Zahir Azimi, told a news conference in Kabul.

The Afghan military had some problems with the air force and firepower but they would be resolved by 2014 if the global fraternity met its commitments to Afghanistan, he said. "The security transfer will take place in phases. As the army is strengthened, the process improves."

He said the army was currently equipped with 56 kinds of weapons, 140 types of vehicles and two aircraft varieties. It has 450,000 pieces of weapons and 45,000 armored and other vehicles in addition to helicopters and cargo planes.

Azimi said the international community had donated weapons worth $7.7 billion (355.2 billion Afghanis) to Afghanistan over the past nine years. Five lieutenant generals, 15 major generals and 27 brigadier generals were recently reshuffled to improve defense ministry affairs, the spokesman said. Lt. Gen. Mohammad Humayun Fawzi was appointed as deputy chief of policy and strategy, Lt. Gen. Mohibullah as deputy minister of technology and logistics, Lt. Gen. Baz Mohammad Jauhari as deputy minister of personnel and training, Lt. Gen. Azizur Rahman as deputy minister of precautionary affairs and Maj. Gen. Gulzar Zadran as military advisor to the defense minister.

Maj. Gen. Mohammad Moeen has been appointed as director of training, Maj. Gen. Taj Mohammad as commander of the military academy, Brig. Gen. Mohammad Hassan as deputy head of training, Brig. Gen. Azizuddin as deputy chief of technical department, Brig. Gen. Shah Aqa as director of logistics and Brig. Gen. Abdul Wakil as deputy army chief. (Pajhwok)