Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Signs, Lights on High Buildings Near Airports Considered

Signs, Lights on High Buildings  Near Airports Considered

KABUL - The Independent Civil Aviation Department on Sunday announced it would install signs and lights on high-rise buildings near airports as part of measures to improve aviation safety.
A statement said the Civil Aviation Department recently examined and evaluated safety of flights, planes and helicopters at airports with representatives of various governmental organs.
After the evaluation, Dr. Mohammad Qasim Wafayizada, head of the planning and policy section at the aviation department, presided over a meeting.
The meeting was attended by representatives from the ministries of interior, telecommunications and information technology, culture and information, water and energy and urban development and housing.
Representative from local organizations, Kabul municipality and the air forces commander at the Ministry of Defense also attended the meeting that conferred on installation of signs and lights above high buildings in the direction of flights and helicopters.
They called the installation as essential to ensuring and improving security of flights in the country.
Dr. Qasim said during finalization of the safety plan, solutions would be found to safety of flights in cities and areas close to airfields.
The participants of the meeting decided that all departments involved would present their opinions as soon as possible to draw up a final decision.
Based on information from civil aviation officials, the aviation safety plan is an important step towards implementation of international safety standards which would be implemented after views of the relevant agencies and the approval of the aviation department. (Pajhwok)