Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, October 21st, 2018

Time Needed to Implement Reforms: Dr. Abdullah

Time Needed to Implement  Reforms: Dr. Abdullah

KABUL - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Abdullah said on Monday the national unity government, focused on dealing with security challenge, needed time to implement reforms.
Addressing a Council of Ministers’ meeting, Abdullah denounced terrorist attacks on common people as a huge crime aimed at destabilising the security situation and promoting a foreign agenda.
He said a clear line had been drawn between the enemy and friend. “I expect the people of Afghanistan to stand united against our common enemy.”
The masses were unhappy with the current state of security and people wanted the government to ensure improvement, acknowledged Abdullah, also a former foreign minister.
The CEO denounced the morning suicide attack in Kabul, saying the bombing was carried out by the enemy of Afghanistan.
About the killing of policemen in a US airstrike in Helmand province, the CEO said a joint investigation into the incident was underway. NATO forces have already acknowledged their mistake. He said the investigation was launched to ascertain what triggered the raid. (Pajhwok)