Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, October 20th, 2018

CEO Calls for Urgent Unity to Avoid Political Crisis

CEO Calls for Urgent Unity  to Avoid Political Crisis

KABUL - Speaking at Youth Parliament in Kabul, Abdullah warned that any attempt to promote terrorism or extremism was an act of treason.
Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah on Sunday called on all Afghan political leaders and political parties to act responsibly, to put aside their personal issues and to work for the benefit of the country.
According to the CEO, any attempt to promote terrorism or extremism is an act of national treason.
“If our politicians do not think about the implications of their decisions, statements and actions, there is the possibility that the country could suffer problems because of one sentence or a decision,” said Abdullah.
Meanwhile, the chairman of the Senate said the creation of anti-government political coalitions by serving government officials was not a logical nor wise decision.
“I don’t understand how those people who eat from the same system, feel proud of being part of the same system and get protocol from the same system dare to appear in opposition with the same system they serve in; this is neither wise nor logical; this is complete madness and I pray that Allah guides these people to the right path,” said senate chief Fazel Hadi Muslimyar.
He called on the Afghan people to support government, and said any insult against government leaders was an insult against the entire nation.
These remarks were made during youth parliament in Kabul on Sunday - which brought together more than 130 youths from around the country with the UN's help.
At the session, youth delegations presented plans and recommendations on good governance.
“Education and training are among our fundamental needs, but it is very unfortunate to say that despite the presence of the international community and the spending of millions of dollars, we are still facing problems in the education sector,” said chairman of the Afghanistan Youth Parliament Agha Mohammad Quraishi.
Touching upon the upcoming elections in Afghanistan, the CEO said that the elections need the full support of the public and of politicians in order to be free and fair.
“When we talk about commitment to democracy and elections, the future elections, holding the parliamentary elections, district councils elections is our commitment, but this commitment can be implemented with the support of people, we need cooperation from Afghanistan’s political forces and all people in this respect,” said Abdullah. (Tolonews)