Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Danish Says Early Elections, Interim Govt not Possible

Danish Says Early  Elections, Interim  Govt not Possible

KABUL - The second vice president Mohammad Sarwar Danish said coups and early elections will not help in overcoming Afghanistan’s challenges
The Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish at a gathering in Daikundi province on Thursday said “holding early elections or establishing an interim government are impossible in the current situation”, calling them a violation of the law.
Danish pointed out to recent alliances and said opposition groups formed by those from inside government “are not justifiable from a political point of view”.
“No one and non of us can justify the act to weaken government from within the government,” he stated.
He declared that the National Unity Government must run the country until its term is completed.
“Nor coup neither other options like interim government or early election is possible. All these plans are in violation to the law, against the national interests and for weakening of the incumbent government,” he said.
In reaction to the first vice president’s remarks, the National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan, one of the founders of the Coalition for the Rescue of Afghanistan, said Sarwar Danish “must be aware of realities on the ground”.
“We did not expect such remarks from Danish. He as the second vice president should be aware of the Afghanistan's realities. The term coalition is the demand of millions of people and the stance of the alliance is the stance of millions of Afghans,” said Bashir Ahmad Tayanj, spokesman for the movement.
Danish’s remarks come amid recent political tensions inside government. Political affairs analysts said the nation must come together in order to overcome the current problems in the country. (Tolonews)