Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

Omar: Taliban Not to Participate in Bonn Conference

Omar: Taliban Not to Participate in Bonn Conference

KABUL - Taliban Leader Mullah Mohammad Omar said in an Eid message that the coming Bonn Conference is symbolic and the Taliban will not participate in it. Afghanistan will not be represented by genuine representatives of Afghans in Bonn Conference, Mullah Mohammad Omar said in an Eid message to Afghans.
But President Hamid Karzai's Office said that the Bonn Conference is very important to overcome the challenges in Afghanistan.

Topics that will be discussed at Bonn conference have already been decided upon in Washington and in the Pentagon, Mullah Omar has said.
In his Eid message, Mullah Omar has expressed his opposition to the establishment of permanent US military bases in Afghanistan, saying neighboring countries also oppose the idea.

Karzai's Deputy Spokesperson said that the Afghan government would represent Afghans at Bonn Conference, it will discuss challenges in the past ten years and present programs for reconstruction, peace and stability to the International Community.

"Bonn Conference could surely be effective to Afghans," Karzai's Deputy Spokesman Seyamak Herawi said. "It is up to the people of Afghanistan to decide upon establishment of US military bases in Afghanistan," Seyamak Herawi added.

The Taliban leadership says that it is because of the presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan that the country is hit by a flood of challenges.

The comments came as a senior official in Afghan ministry of foreign affairs on Sunday said that if the Taliban is willing to participate in Bonn Conference, it should join the peace process. (Tolo News)