Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, October 20th, 2018

MoPH Shuts Private Hospital in Kabul

MoPH Shuts Private Hospital in Kabul

KABUL - Acting Minister of Public Health (MoPH), Dr. Suraya Dalil, along with her professional team visited Nawabi private hospital located in Darwaz-e-Lahouri Area of Kabul city and closed it yesterday due to the lack of standard health services and some problems. During her visit the various parts of the hospital, MoPH Acting Minister noted many problems such as; the lack of health services, absence of the health staff, installation of telecommunication antenna on the top of hospital, unclean situation, not having a license of MoPH to operate, nonexistence the registration book for patients and Some other problems were observed in hospital.

Talking with Mr. Nawabi, head of the hospital, Dr. Dalil indicated him the hospital problems and the head of Nawabi hospital accepted the serious problem in his hospital pledging that he will not reactivate it until to bring the proper reforms and effective health services.

The Acting Minister of MoPH added that the both private and state hospitals have been evaluating by MoPH health laws Directorate, but due to the heavy problems in this Hospital, she decided to visit it.

Dr. Dalil stressed on importance of reforms and effective health services in the Hospitals, adding that the heads of hospitals should do further efforts toward resolving of the problems and pave the ground to the effective health services in hospitals to improve health situation of Afghanistan people.

Ministry of Public Health delivers health services impartially and without any form of discrimination to the needy people of Afghanistan in all corners of the country and requests all parties to respect this policy and support health care providers to fulfill this noble job. (PR)