Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, November 15th, 2018

WJ will Witness Some Changes: IEC

WJ will Witness Some Changes: IEC

KABUL - Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Thursday said the Wolesi Jirga (WJ) will witness some changes next week. A spokesman for the IEC, Tabesh Frogh, said the IEC has finalized its decision to bring some changes in the Afghan House of Representatives, and that the decision will be officially made public in the beginning of next week.
The IEC stressed that it will not be responsible for the consequences of its decision in the country. But it did not elaborate further.
Many parliamentarians had earlier warned that any changes imposed by the IEC or the President will not be accepted and will be strongly resisted.

The IEC says it is only trying to put an end to tensions considering the national interests in Afghanistan. "What is clear is that changes will definitely occur, but details will be made public next week," Mr Tabesh Froagh told Tolo news.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports says 20 people will be unseated in the House of Representatives, but the IEC has yet to comment. Mr Frogh said the IEC has not been discussing the 62 people who were announced by the special tribunal to find their way to the parliament.

"Discussing numbers is unacceptable. Now that the IEC has been assigned to make the final decision, whatever decision it makes should be respected," the IEC spokesman said.

The IEC had previously said that no changes could be made in the final results of the September elections, but it now says it had only resisted termination of the IEC, not changes in its decision.