Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Iran to Help Preserve Ghazni Historic Sites

Iran to Help Preserve Ghazni Historic Sites

GHAZNI CITY - An Iranian delegation on Wednesday visited historic sites in southern Ghazni province, pledging reconstruction and preservation of ancient cultural heritage of the province, which will be declared the capital of Islamic civilization in 2013. The four-member delegation was accompanied by advisers at the Ministry of Information and Culture.

Governor Musa Khan Akbarzada thanked the delegation for its visit of Ghazni's historic sites. He urged other Islamic countries to help the Afghan government preserve the historic places.

"Isfahan city of Iran has been declared as the centre of Islamic culture 30 years ago, but no Iranian experts had shared their expertise with us," the governor complained.

Syed Musadiq Khalili, an adviser at the Information and Culture ministry, said that a total of 32 projects of reconstruction of ancient places would be completed till the year 2013.

Head of the Iranian delegation and expert of culture heritage, Ali Raza Behramand, said they would help the Afghan government in carrying out reconstruction and preservation projects.
He said their visit was aimed at selecting places for the projects and that a decision in this regard would be taken by the Iranian government.