Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Afghanistan Could Face the Fate of M.E.: Coalition

Afghanistan Could Face the Fate of M.E.: Coalition

KABUL - The coalition to support the law comprised of sitting lawmakers said on Tuesday that Karzai's lockstep to alter the parliament would make the country face the fate of Middle-Eastern countries.
A spokesman for the coalition to support the law, Abdul Latif Pedram, warned that any change in the parliament would be the beginning of an end to democracy.
The coalition stressed that if the president could unseat 17 lawmakers, he will extend that number to 83 later.
On Tuesday in a big rally organised by the coalition, thousands of people including religious leaders, politicians, students and tribal leaders took part.

"If the government refuses to listen to our voice, this is the only thing we could do. The demonstration will even spread to streets and the atmosphere would become the same as that of countries in the Middle-east," Abdul Latif Pedram said.

"The election challenges could be resolved only if the constitution is respected," Mohammad Yonus Qanooni, former house speaker, said.
Former member of IEC, Ahmad Zia Rafat, said that the government wants to take advantage of the situation where there is no electoral complaint commission working at the moment.

"Some members of the Supreme Court want to use Sharia as a tool,"
Ahmad Zia Rafat said.

Leader of the coalition to support the law warned that they will not let "lawbreakers" to achieve their goals.
"The government is taking advantage of the the situation, and the constitution and laws are only enforced on poor people," Leader of the Coalition Abdul Zaher Qadir said.

On Tuesday thousands of supporters of lawmakers took to the streets and demonstrated against the government.
The coalition warned the demonstration would even go bigger in the days ahead if their demand is left unaddressed.