Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

MPs Rule Out Changes in Poll Results

MPs Rule Out  Changes in Poll Results

KABUL -Wolesi Jirga members on Saturday ruled out any deal with any institution on changes in results of last year's parliamentary election."We declare that under Article 86 of the constitution, no one has the right to alter the outcome," said the second deputy speaker, Ahmad Behzad, while reading out a resolution that was tabled in the house during Saturday's session.

"If the government or any other organization interferes with the results, the house will react," Behzad warned. The resolution was approved by a majority vote. Only seven members opposed the move.
The article says that credentials of National Assembly members be reviewed by the Independent Election Commission in line with the relevant law.

"On behalf of residents of Deh Sabz district of Kabul, I won't let anybody replace any of Wolesi Jirga members" vowed Allah Gul, a public representative from the capital. He said he would not accept any changes to the poll outcome.

Mohammad Mohaqiq, an MP from Kabul, told the house a parliamentary delegation had returned from a visit to Iran after discussing the issue of Afghan refugees living in the neighboring country.

"During our meetings with Iranian MPs and officials, the government in Tehran pledged giving work permission to 1.4 million illegal Afghan refugees," Mohaqiq said. Currently, there are about two million Afghans refugees in Iran.

However, Ramazan Bashardost from Kabul and Arian Yun from Nangarhar said that since Afghanistan planned to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with the US, Iran wanted Afghans to think positively about their government.

"Iranians do not treat Afghans fairly and often make false promises," Bashardost said. But Mohaqiq replied the Afghans who had talked to their families in Iran said they had received work permits.

More than 5,000 Afghans have reportedly been imprisoned in Iran, with 60 percent languishing in jails on charges of drug smuggling. A number of Afghans have reportedly been executed by the Iranian government.