Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

Foreign Taliban Biggest Obstacle to Peace: Taliban Commander

Foreign Taliban Biggest Obstacle  to Peace: Taliban Commander

KABUL - A former Taliban commander has told a Chinese television that foreign Taliban don't want peace in Afghanistan and they are a big obstacle to peace in the country. In an interview with China's CC television, Noor-ul-Aziz a former Taliban commander who presented himself as hero of the fight against US troops, said in a short span of 48 hours, he destroyed 24 vehicles and shot down an American helicopter.

"Foreign Taliban don't want peace. They want foreign troops to stay so that they can kill many of them. They are the biggest obstacle to peace in Afghanistan," Noor-ul-Aziz said.
Noor-ul-Aziz reportedly used to command a 300-strong army in Helmand province.

The former commander joined the Afghan peace process four months ago.
"They imprisoned our comrades and put them in detention centres, foreign troops were hunting down on us and seized our land," he said.

He said he had tough life during his fight against foreign troops in Afghanistan.
"Life was very tough. We spent days without proper food, and changed sleeping places several times every night for fear of being bombed by American drones," he said.