Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, December 16th, 2018

Taliban Excluded from Bonn Conference: Crocker

Taliban Excluded from Bonn Conference: Crocker

KABUL - The US Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker told a press conference on Thursday that Afghans would lead Bonn conference, but the Taliban are excluded in the conference. In Istanbul conference that will be launched before Bonn conference all neighbors of Afghanistan would make commitment for peace and stability in Afghanistan, Ryan Crocker told reporters.Mr Crocker said after the neighbors' of Afghanistan make their pledges; the Taliban would be warned that they have no choice except negotiation.

Pointing out to progress and setbacks in the country, he said insecurity and economic problems make the main problems of people and Washington will cooperate with Kabul in resolution of the challenges."We have two conferences, first is Istanbul in November and what we would hope to see and what Afghanistan hopes to see in Istanbul is going to be a commitment on the part of all of Afghanistan's neighbors and near-neighbors, countries around Afghanistan, a written commitment ... and work for the security and stability of Afghanistan," he said.

"That pledge would then be endorsed by the entire world at the Bonn Conference and I think it would an extremely powerful statement to the Taliban and any others who want to challenge."He said Pakistan could play a crucial role in the process of talks with the Taliban and for peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Now one, Afghans, the United States and Pakistan, would want Afghanistan to fall in the hands of the Taliban once again, he said."I do not think anyone wants to see Taliban take this country over again. Certainly Afghans don't want to see it.

Certainly Americans don't want to see it. I don't think Pakistanis want to see either," he said."We just have to find ways to work together and we are. Pakistan has a role to play. I think their influence is going to be very important in the process and we hope they use it in a decisive manner to encourage reconciliation.

"The problem between executive and legislative branches of Afghan government is something common and there should be an Afghan way out to the problem, he said.The remarks came as the Taliban have shown interest for a political solution to end the combat with the Afghan government, the New York Times reported.

The Times quoted US officials saying the Taliban have recently sent two messages in which they call for peace talks with the government before the withdrawal of foreign troops. (Tolo News)