Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

ANSF Prepared for Second Phase of Transition: MoI

ANSF Prepared for Second Phase of Transition: MoI

KABUL - A senior official in Ministry of Interior Affairs said on Tuesday that Afghan security forces are ready for the second phase of security handover and to take over security from international troops.
In the first stage of the security transition process to Afghan lead, seven areas including the capital Kabul was handed over to Afghan forces.

Interior Ministry Spokesman Sediq Sediqi, said: "We are still studying the second phase of the process and in a month or two we will begin with the second phase considering our reviews from the first phase of the process. There is a positive understanding about the process and we are prepared to get into the second phase."

A factory that was producing military uniforms illegally in the outskirts of Kabul has been spotted and closed. The factory was financially supported by a number of insurgent networks, Sediq Sediqi said.
In the past one week six would-be-suicide bombers disguised in women's clothes were arrested as they were planning to target civilians during the holy month of Ramadan, Mr Sediqi said.

The remarks came as chief of transition process earlier this week said that there are challenges and perils facing security handover process in the country.
Afghanistan still fails to find its moral, political, social and economic gravity centres,Transition Chief Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai said at a session.

Chief of transition further said that the handover process has a gradual goal.
Afghan security forces have so far taken the lead in seven areas as part of the handover process and at the same time around 700 US soldiers were recently flown out of the country.