Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

US Diplomat Urges Reform in Justice Organizations

US Diplomat Urges  Reform in Justice  Organizations

KABUL - A senior US diplomat at the US embassy in Kabul has called for reform in justice departments in Afghanistan. During his visit to western Herat province Hans Klemm, Coordinating Director of Rule of Law and Law Enforcement at US embassy, said Afghan citizens should be able to get a fair judgments without paying bribe for anyone.

Mr Hans Klemm said challenges of opium and hashish in the country could directly contribute to growing corruption in justice and judiciary organisations. "The challenge of narcotics, opium and hashish and the contribution that makes to corruption, then there is a general challenge of fighting corruption," Mr Hans Klemm said.

The United States has decided to run a number of capacity building programs in the justice organisations in a bid to increase understanding among personnel. "Challenges of violence, judges, prosecutors and defenders are unfortunately the targets of the enemy of Afghanistan," he said.

Governor of the western Herat province has said employment in positions in anti-corruption bodies should be made through free competitions. Herat Governor Dawood Shah Saba said: "Things should be clear about the attorney general department. If the department is running under judiciary organization, then it should go through justice reforms and if it is part of our executive branch it should become part of PRR process."

US consulate staff in Herat province emphasized that the education process of students in law and political science, Islamic sharia faculties in Herat University should be taught by Afghan and American instructors in cooperation with Global Rights Organization.