Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, October 21st, 2018

MPs Urge Travel Ban for AG

MPs Urge Travel Ban for AG

KABUL - Some parliamentarians on Saturday suggested that the Attorney General should be placed on a travel ban over allegations of possible involvement in corruption.Based on evidence the attorney general has ordered the release of two culprits who embezzled $14 million in a bank, lawmakers said. But Deputy Attorney General said the two were sentenced to one year in prison for possessing illegal weapons, and they were released.

"They were sentenced to one year in prison over illegal possession of arms," Deputy Attorney General Rahmatullah Nazari said. Legislators also said Attorney General has been disqualified and he should stop getting into illegal activities.

Fawzia Kofi, MP representing northern Badakhshan province, said: "A concrete decision should be taken about Attorney General now that there are evidence and papers." Meanwhile, an investigation into Kabul Bank by Attorney General's Office indicates that $572 millions of some $910 million illegal loans of Kabul Bank were given to people with fake identities.

Findings of the investigation also show that along with shareholders of Kabul Bank and some foreign companies, former governor of Afghanistan's Central Bank was also involved in the crisis.