Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, December 13th, 2018

MPs Criticize New Commission Over Electoral Tensions

MPs Criticize New Commission  Over Electoral Tensions

KABUL – Wolesi Jirga on Sunday in an statement expressed objection to the new commission's evaluation of an initiative with six articles of Afghan Independent Election Commission (IEC), that is made by President Karzai. The representatives warned that no one has the right to change the final result of Parliamentary elections. The House of Representatives has sent a message to Inter-parliamentary Union Office to support the legitimacy of the house. MPs said that establishment of any kind of commission to change the final result of Parliamentary elections is against the country's laws.
It also supports the idea of the IEC not to change the final results.

"Any political reaction from any irresponsible organization or person will clearly show its influence in election process and it is against the county's laws," Mohammad Farhad Azimi, deputy secretary of Wolesi Jirga said.

Meanwhile, some of the representatives said that President Karzai wants to undermine and delegitimize the house by doing such actions.
"After the final decision of Special Electoral Tribunal, President Karzai made another commission with the support of the Evaluation Commission over Constitutional law and head of Legal and Judicial board of Presidential palace. They said that President Karzai has accepted their initiatives partially and IEC has also accepted this," a member of parliament, Abdul Zahir Qadir said.
President Karzai last Thursday made a commission to evaluate IEC's six-article initiative.

In addition, Head of IEC, Fazl Ahmad Manawi, in an exclusive interview with TOLOnews said that IEC's result for Parliamentary elections would not be changed, stressing that the decision of the Special Electoral Tribunal is illegal.

Mr Manawi warned that if no legal solution is found, then the situation will get worse.
He added that President Karzai has asked the IEC to solve the problem, but there are others in the government who want to worsen the crisis and confuse the President.

"Why was a document with no legal base signed by some well-known personalities?" Mr Manawi told TOLOnews.
The crisis has is going worse in the House of Representatives as MPs want to an end to Special Electoral Tribunal.