Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

US-Afghan Strategic Talks Enter Second Phase

US-Afghan  Strategic Talks  Enter Second Phase

KABUL - Talks for a strategic agreement between the US and Afghan government have begun under a wider framework compared to first phase of talks, a top official in Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. The first round of talks for a strategic agreement between Afghanistan and the United States was focused on enduring partnership in terms of economy, security and healthcare, Janan Mousa Zai, a spokesman for Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said.

"US officials shared their suggestions with the Afghan government in order to check the comments and reaction of the government so that next step is taken in the path to strategic partnership between the two nations," Janan Mousazai told TOLOnews.

Mr Mousa Jananzai said it would be beneficial to Afghanistan in terms of economy and security to have a strategic partnership with the United States.
"Based on mutual interests and respect, we are sure that the deal would be beneficial to Afghanistan," he said.

A US high-profile delegate arrived in Kabul on Friday bringing the recommendations of the United States and Karzai's Office said in a statement that talks would continue for another two days. (Tolo News)