Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Turkish Airlines Begins Afghan Flights

Turkish Airlines  Begins Afghan  Flights

KABUL - Afghan Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation on Sunday said that "Turkish Airlines" has for the first time begun to fly to Afghanistan. Turkish Airlines will fly to Afghanistan three times a week, Afghan officials said. Afghan officials added that Turkey has committed that will continue its assistance in several aviation sections to Afghanistan. Deputy Minister for Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation, Mohammadullah Batash, said that passenger and cargo flights of Turkish airlines to Afghanistan is beneficial for both nations economically.
He also stressed that Turkish government will help the ministry in training aviation, flight safety and traffic experts.

"We should encourage our domestic aviation companies, support them and prepare all the facilities to them. We have some international commitments and cooperation in aviation section," Mr Batash said.
In addition, Basat Ozturk Turkish ambassador to Afghanistan said: "this is the first flight of Turkish Airlines to Afghanistan and Afghans can fly to Turkey and another 180 countries with this company."
Turkish ambassador added that Turkish Airlines' flights would not damage Afghan private aviation companies.
He also said that Turkey will continue its assistance in aviation section of Afghanistan.