Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, January 18th, 2019

Int’l Community Committed to Afghanistan Post 2014: Eikenberry

Int’l Community  Committed to Afghanistan Post 2014: Eikenberry

KABUL - The International Community, the United States and NATO are committed to an enduring partnership with Afghanistan longer after 2014, top US diplomat said in Kabul on Saturday.
The 235th independence day of the United States was commemorated in a ceremony organised by the US embassy in Kabul on Saturday.
The commemoration ceremony was attended by senior Afghan and foreign military and civilian officials and speaking to the ceremony US Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry reaffirmed his country's long-term commitment to Afghanistan in different sectors, including security, good governance and economic development.

"President Obama has announced an initial drawdown of American troops. Over the next several years full responsibilities and burdens of leadership will increasingly be assumed by the Afghan people," Eikenberry said. "Afghans must know that our partnership is an enduring one. The United States, Nato and the International Community will continue to support Afghanistan's security and economic development long after transition is completed in 2014."

During the ceremony the US top commander of coalition forces in Afghanistan said much "hard work" is laid ahead that should be dealt with.
"We have achieved important progress here in Afghanistan and the gains made and security coupled with efforts and governance and development have enabled the beginning of transition to Afghan responsibility," Commander of coalition troops Gen. David Petraeus said.
"Much hard work remains to be sure and the recent attack in Kabul reminded us of that. However the gains of the past year have been significant and they have only been possible because of your courage, skill and commitment to this endeavor."

President Karzai's top advisor Edayat Amin Arsala said at the ceremony that despite points of differences between Kabul and Washington in recent years, both nations have made substantial gains covering almost all sectors.

Karzai's top advisor said: "President Karzai welcomed the decision and indicated that the armed forces of Afghanistan will be able to take on responsibility for the security of our people. Also I am sure the people of Afghanistan look forward to the day that our armed forces have the full capability to defend Afghanistan's borders and ensure internal security. (Tolo News)