Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, December 10th, 2018

Karzai Has Role in Kabul Bank Crisis: Fitrat

Karzai Has Role in  Kabul Bank Crisis: Fitrat

KABUL - Governor of Afghanistan's Central Bank has accused President Hamid Karzai of having role in Kabul Bank crisis. Abdul Qadir Fitrat, former governor of Afghanistan's Central Bank, told Aljazeera television from Washington that Kabul Bank shareholders covered the costs of Karzai's Presidential campaign in several occasions. Mr. Fitrat fled the country and presented his resignation in Washington because his life was in danger in Kabul.

He told Aljazeera television that Kabul Bank shareholders bought seventy expensive vehicles using the money of the bank to provide transportation to Karzai's presidential campaign.
"Several central bank officers said that they gave money in various occasions to the presidential campaign to his closest aides. They bought seventy expensive cars for the campaign. They covered the entire media campaign of the President," Mr. Fitrat told Aljazeera.

He said he stepped down because his life was in danger, especially after he disclosed names of people close to high-ranking Afghan government authorities who he says were involved in Kabul Bank crisis.
"The President's brother also took millions of money illegally under fictitious names from the bank and also relatives of other high-level authorities of Afghanistan took millions and possibly hundreds of millions of dollars from the bank," he claimed.

"Because of the way the government reacted, I now have come to a conclusion that that information was reliable that the government was part of the plot, because the government, particularly the president was aware that I knew a lot of facts about how they stole depositors' money."
He said all documents proving his allegations are with the central bank and Kabul Bank audit team, but he said he is not sure whether the documents will be exposed because of the risky nature of the issue. (Tolo News)