Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Parliament Sends Letter to UN

Parliament Sends Letter to UN

Legislative, executive, judiciary and IEC are involved in the chaos: Eikenberry

KABUL - In a bid to prevent increase of tensions between parliament and the government, the Afghan parliament has sent a letter to the United Nations.
The Afghan House of Representatives said in the letter that the United Nations is responsible to support popular systems, enforcement of laws and peace and stability in Afghanistan.
Some legislators highlighted that the Attorney General and six members of Supreme Court, should not be allowed to continue their work after the House voted no confidence to them.

Parliamentarians called on international community and international organizations to take serious measures to prevent the growing tensions between legislative and executive bodies of the government.
"We ask international bodies to cooperate in protection of Afghan popular system and rule of law and we Afghans should live an honorable life along side the other countries in the world," Deputy House Speaker Ahmad Behzad said.

But the candidates who have been announced winners by elections special tribunal asked the government to implement the verdict of the tribunal and introduce winning candidates to the house.
"The decision has been made based on righteous votes of people. The decision has been made through justice processes and the government should impose that on the parliament in any way possible," Fazl Karim Aimaq, a recently announced winning candidate, said.

Meanwhile, at a gathering in Ghazni province some protesting candidates described the decision made by the tribunal as an unfair verdict, saying the decision could not decrease challenges, but it adds to them.

At his recent press conferences US Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry who is going to be replaced by Rayne Crocker, President Obama's choice as US senior envoy to Afghanistan, said major bodies of the government are involved in the chaos, including legislative, executive and judiciary and also independent election commission. (Tolo News)