Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

Disqualified MPs Have One Month to Appeal: SC

Disqualified  MPs Have One Month to Appeal: SC

KABUL - The Supreme Court (SC) on Sunday said lawmakers who were on Thursday disqualified in the wake of a special court's decision have one month time to challenge the verdict.
The special election tribunal, a panel of five judges, on Thursday disqualified 62 of the 249 members of the lower house on charges of fraud during last year's parliamentary election and announced new winners, who may replace the sitting ones.

A spokesman for the apex court, Abdul Wakeel Omri, told Pajhwok Afghan News the 63 disqualified MPs had one month time to move a court against the tribunal decision since it was announced June 23. He said the tribunal was legal and meant at resolving political crisis.

But the unseated lawmakers said they would not move any court against the verdict, which they said was not acceptable to them.
One of the affected MPs, Mohammad Sarwar Usmani, said the special court had no legal status and they would not challenge its decision for being illegal.