Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, October 18th, 2018

Ban Calls for Inclusive, Orderly and Peaceful Transition in Egypt

Ban Calls for Inclusive, Orderly and Peaceful Transition in Egypt

UNITED NATIONS - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon remained deeply concerned about violence in Egypt, and called for an inclusive, orderly and peaceful transition in the Arab country, his spokesman Martin Nesirky told reporters late Friday.
"The secretary-general remains deeply concerned about the violence in Egypt over the last few days," Nesirky said. "He deplores the loss of life and the high number of injured." He reiterates his call for the transitional authorities to guarantee the protection of human rights and civil liberties for all Egyptians, the spokesman said.

"The secretary-general also reiterates his call for an inclusive, orderly and peaceful transition that meets the legitimate aspirations of the Egyptian people through transparent and credible elections leading to the establishment of civilian rule," he said. Earlier on Friday, the secretary-general spoke by phone with Field Marshall Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, chair of the Supreme Council of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Nesirky added.

Also on Friday, Tantawi issued a decree to appoint Kamal al-Ganzouri, a former prime minister, as the head of a national salvation government, and also granted al-Ganzouri all powers that would enable him to perform his duties properly.

After the appointment, al-Ganzouri stressed that he accepted the post to serve the country and that the formation of a new cabinet depends on the extent to which people's desired goals will be achieved. Yet, he also admitted that the premiership was rather challenging.

Egypt's ruling military council has met unprecedented opposition from protestors after it took over power on Feb. 11 when President Hosni Mubarak resigned amid 18 days of anti-government protests.

Since Nov. 18, mass protests erupted again in the Egyptian capital of Cairo and some other major cities, demanding the resignation of the caretaker cabinet of Essam Sharaf and the quicker transfer to civilian rule. Clashes during the protests have left 41 people dead and more than 3,000 others injured, official figures showed. (Xinhua)