Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, April 22nd, 2019

Aid Arrives in Syria as Putin, Macron Discuss Relief Mission to Ghouta

Aid Arrives in Syria as Putin, Macron  Discuss Relief Mission to Ghouta

CHÂTEAUROUX (France) - Humanitarian aid sent by France and Russia arrived in Syria on Saturday as the two countries’ leaders discussed a joint mission to distribute much-needed relief supplies in a ravaged former rebel enclave.
The joint humanitarian aid operation -- the first between Russia and a Western country -- was agreed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and French leader Emmanuel Macron during talks in Saint Petersburg in May.
A Russian Antonov-124 Ruslan military cargo plane carrying more than 40 tonnes of medical aid and humanitarian supplies arrived at the Russian military base in Hmeimim after departing from the central French city of Chateauroux early Saturday, the Russian defence ministry said.
The aid, including medicine, medical equipment, clothes and tents, will be given to residents of Eastern Ghouta on the fringes of the capital Damascus, which was retaken by government forces in April after a five-year siege.
It will be distributed under the supervision of the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Aid (OCHA).
Russian representatives and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent will also participate in the process.
The supplies will also be distributed to hospitals run by the Red Crescent, Moscow said. (AFP)