Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, May 20th, 2019

World Forges Ahead with Paris Climate Deal without Trump

World Forges Ahead with  Paris Climate Deal without Trump

BRUSSELS - The world forged ahead on Friday with the Paris climate deal after President Donald Trump pulled the US out of the pact, triggering bitter condemnation from all corners of the globe.
Trump announced Thursday that his administration would immediately stop implementing the 195-nation accord brokered by Barack Obama in 2015 in tandem with Chinese leaders.
The European Union said it was increasing efforts with China, the world’s biggest polluter, to galvanise global efforts to implement the deal while India vowed to stick to the pact regardless of the United States.
Trump also faced a backlash at home where Democratic state governors, city mayors and powerful companies drew up plans to meet the pact’s greenhouse gas emission targets.
“Americans will honour and fulfill the Paris agreement by leading from the bottom up — and there isn’t anything Washington can do to stop us,” former New York mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg said. However, Russian Pres­ident Vladimir Putin spared Trump more
withering criticism and urged the world to work with the New York tycoon on climate. (AFP)