Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, January 20th, 2019

No Security, no Economic Prosperity

Deep concerns over insignificant foreign investment - largely due to deteriorated security condition – exist in Afghanistan and countries supporting it to eco nomically stand on its own feet. The United States alone has spent 19 billion dollars to support the economy of Afghanistan. Its other allies have too, invested considerable amounts of money to boost up the economic condition of this country. The effectiveness of these aids has been quite low as the living standard of people remains pathetic. More than 50 percent of Afghans are estimated to be living below the line of poverty and the international aid has only filled the pockets of corrupt officials and people associated to them. Investment is conceived the backbone of an economy. Over the last ten years, investment in Afghanistan has been limited. There have investment merely in few sectors such as banking, telecommunication, beverages and others and have had very little impact on the life of people.

Over the last ten years due to insufficient investment poverty has become more concerning as the rate of unemployment is rapidly rising. Agriculture, one of the main sectors which around 70 percent of population of Afghanistan depend, face grave hindrances and no prominent effort is in place to address them. Local production is almost zero as the industrial sector continues to suffer lack of attention from government side and other friend countries of Afghanistan. The mining sector is considered the only sector that can bring Afghanistan out of the grave economic problems it is facing today. But this sector too, will need long terms until security improves and government find capability and capacity to properly make uses from it.

The root of all evils in Afghanistan is the 'worse security' that hampers all sorts of social, political and economic developments. As far as security conditions remain so or severe, problems in Afghanistan will continue multiplying and no prosperity can be hoped for this country. Whether it is increased investment or anything else that can foster economic condition in Afghanistan, is not achievable without having brought security condition under thumb.