Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

Time for a Promising Message

As Afghanistan is entering into a critical period of transition of security responsibility to Afghan National Security Forces and beginning of drawdown of inter national forces, there is no promising message from the government to the people. Bomb explosions and Anti-government elements' attacks continue to occur in the capital and provinces but the government has no response to them except for the ineffective reconciliation process. We often see and hear president Karzai delivering a detailed speech in one or another event. His political dexterity lies in lashing out at others. If corruption runs rampant in his administration, he is quick enough to criticize international community for not channeling their aid and assistance through his government.

President Karzai appears to have decided to spend much of his current tenure on the "wrestling" with his international partners and allies as opposed to his promises during the election campaigning to stimulate the country's economy and put an end to the ongoing violence and Afghan suffering. He always fails to deliver a promising message to Afghan people. Instead, whenever the president delivers a public speech, he just adds to the concerns of the people. He fails to show what he has done to bring peace and how close he has moved the country to peace and what he is going to do to achieve it.

A content analysis of his speech on Saturday, June 18, 2011 suggests that his "slight wrestling" continues with the international community, Speaking at the Afghanistan Youth National Conference, president Karzai warned the he would refuse to attend in forthcoming Bonn conference in Germany if the summit was not attended by the Taliban leaders and other groups as he said, "I have told the foreigners clearly, because I have heard that some make efforts to take us to the summit as a divided nation and to again impose a situation on us.

No way, either we should be there as a united Afghanistan under one flag or we won't take part in the conference." But he did not explain how he would include the Taliban militants into his delegation to the conference while the militants can launch assaults in areas close to his presidential palace. Afghan people need jobs, security and peace not wrestling. So it is time to deliver a more realistic and promising message.