Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, October 22nd, 2018

Afghanistan Needs Int’l Presence for Longer Terms

It has been around a decade that the US and its allies are present in Afghanistan. Taliban are no more in power while Afghan National Army and Police have brought from nil to a force. There are serious objections on the outcomes of billions of dollars of international aid received in the last ten years but progress has been made in economy, education and other sectors.

Despite all these, it is very difficult to decide the right time for US-led NATO to withdraw from Afghanistan. This is because; security has reached its lowest level. The militants are attempting to do whatsoever they can for disrupting the process of peace, progress and reconstruction. Failure to address the severest insecurity is a serious concerning issue for the people of Afghanistan.

After Osama's death, there are speculations that US and its allies will be withdrawing from Afghanistan in a speedy pace. There might not be such plans but if there are, we can only say that it is very dangerous and has negative outcomes for Afghanistan and the world. The same has been expressed by US Defense Secretary, Robert Gates. In TV interview he said, "I think it's premature. I think we just don't know. It's only been a week (after Osama's death).

And people are already drawing historical conclusions. I think that's a little quick." Gates has used the wording, "we just don't know." Although the US President Barrack Obama has set the withdrawal process to begin this July and complete by 2014, but the number of troops going home is not clear, yet. It will be largely dependent on the ground realities, so drawing big conclusion is quite improper.

The US and its allies have to pull out their troops from Afghanistan. This is costing them million of dollars every year and lives of their soldier. Their governments are under severe public pressure to end the war in Afghanistan and withdraw forces. But Afghanistan needs international presence for longer terms as still there is long way to go to completely defeat insurgents who are threatening not only us but the whole world.