Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

Widening Gap is Vivid Demonstration of Distrust in Government

It is clear-cut that the continued support of the people is vital for any government. The government must not ignore to keep the people happy by implementing laws and providing services to them and any sort of discontent will lead to fall in the legitimacy of the government. The gap between the people and government is a sign of dissatisfaction of the people with the performance of the government. On Sunday, May 15, 2011, Meshrano Jirga members expressed concerns about the widening gap between the government and people due to non-implementation of laws in the country.

Senators concur with Abdul Hanan Haqyoon, saying the increasing gap between the government and people was the legacy of what he said "wrong and incompetent leadership of the country." The senator said, "People are unhappy with lawlessness that includes taking bribes, having contacts and others illegal activities in government departments." In fact, it is a vivid demonstration of distrust in the government has failed to bring any tangible changes to the lives of Afghan people. It is to be mentioned that not only government's failure to enforce the laws but also its inability to map out a clear vision for the future course of the country has led to this distance between the government and its people that continue to suffer from the consequences of these failures. They have begun to worry that their country is not moving in the right direction. The third area where the government has failed to respond to public expectations and demands is delivering services.

Afghanistan has been receiving international aid for the last ten years but the effectiveness of this aid is seriously question because there is no considerable change in the reconstruction and development fields. It is important that the government makes sure that it is heeding public opinion and their continued support. The yawning gap between the people and government should provide a food for thought and it is indicative of the fact that the government's policies continue to be ineffective and it is an evaluation of the government's flawed policies pursued over a decade, particularly in recent years. The government must respond to peoples' demands and should include their feedbacks in its policies before the gap becomes too wide to bridge and close, which will lead to the fall of the government itself.