Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Militants will not be Cajoled into Being Our “Brothers”

Is Afghanistan going on the right direction or wrong direction? This should be a common question asked by the Afghan people. But the answer to it may be a bit tricky.
After ten years of international presence, this should have been easy to answer. But unfortunately the world of expectation is different from the ground reality in the country. The Afghans wanted and expected to be better-off after the Taliban militants were overthrown in late 2001 but the existing realities show that their dream of a stable and prosperous Afghanistan is yet to come true and the realization of this dream appears to remain very elusive and sugar-coated.

The answer to the above-mentioned question is difficult in a sense that the politicians and leadership continue to pursue the policy of deceit. Afghans lose their lives in insurgent activities on a daily basis but the leadership or the president continues to define "good Taliban" and "bad Taliban" for them. The president continues to say naively that he offers his humble hand of peace to "unhappy brothers" even if they reject it thousands of time. The explosions, roadside bombings and suicide attacks are heard in different quarters of the country almost on a day-to-day basis but the president never begins to react seriously and call upon the forces under his command to prevent Afghan people from being killed, wounded, disabled and displaced.

Corruption in the government agencies has eroded the democratic values such as public trust and tolerance. But the president has never demonstrated any real moral sense to acknowledge the persuasiveness and rampancy of the corruption in his government and his administration. Instead, he has tried to show himself as the national hero to point his finger towards international community and international organizations.

Afghan people are now "pissed off" by the ongoing ineffective leadership and the policies on dealing with the cruel and atrocious insurgents that leave no stone unturned to take innocent lives and trouble the country. President Karzai should come to terms with the fact that the lunatic fringes could not be cajoled into being our "brothers." If he persists on his position, then it is time to strip him of his carte blanche.