Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, April 24th, 2019

Taliban are Busy with Burning Holy Quran by Using Islamic Slogans

Following the recenttragedy in Behsood, it has been reported that Taliban have burned several volumes of Holy Quran in Ander district of Ghazni province. Thelocal people have reported that Taliban have recently burned many volumes of holy book in this district. According to DewichaWelah reports, "Around 40 people holding the burned copiesof Holy Quran reached the provincial council in the afternoon of Thursday, June 21, in order to report the insurgencies by Taliban in their district."

Ander is one of the insecure districts of Ghazniprovince which has been underthe control of Taliban for most of the time during the last ten years and most of schools in this district are ceased by Taliban. Recently the local people are fighting against Taliban militants to reopen the schools and most of the local leaders arekilled.

Esmatullah, one of the Ander districtinhabitantsdetailed to the provincial council that two days ago Taliban insurgents burned three residences in QadamKhel village that resulted the in fire of some volumes of Holy Quran. He added that the books that are burned were homed in priest's residence that along the Holy Books, an old woman half got burned and now she is admitted in the hospital.

Moreover the local people assured the claim that they have been targeted by Taliban militants all the time and this is not the first time they have experienced such an incident. In addition, he added, "Taliban extremists have been forcing the local residents to leave their homes in order to use their homes as protective walls against fighting the national security forces and local fighters who are cooperating with the government security forces during operations."

The members of provincial council have strongly condemned the inhuman acts of Taliban and have urged the local people to continue revelries against Taliban. Amanullah, one of provincial councilmembersalong condemning the inhuman acts by Taliban added that these insurgencies by Taliban provoke the people to face them more seriously.

Eight Taliban militants are killed as a result of the recent battlebetween Taliban and the local people of Ander in KodehAer and Paibandi villages. According to Afghan security officials, "Most of the Taliban in this district are Pakistani insurgents."

Taliban have proved that their slogan of fighting for expanding the Islamic empire is nothing more than misusing the religion. They have black listed the religion worldwide. They are not protecting the religion; in fact, they are abusing the religion.

But alas, along continuous insurgencies against civilians, they are still being called brothers by PresidentHamid Karzai. Where are those protestors who tortured millions of civilian properties and killed tens of innocents for protesting against the US army who had unintentionally burned some copies of paper that weredoubted to be Holy Quran.

Are the holy books getting in fire in Behsood and Ander are different from the ones burned in Bagram base? Millions of properties are being tortured and thousands of holy books including Holy Quran are being burned in Behsood as a result of everyattack by Kochis (Pashtun Nomads).

They are neither covered by media nor considered by government officials. Why are they not being covered by Medias? Why the political and religious leadershave zipped their mouths? Where are the ones who killed tens of us for protesting against the same incident in Bagram base? Is this because, these inhuman acts are being committed by the loving brothers of President Hamid Karzai?

The poor citizens are daily being targeted by the human enemies. But our respected President is still insisting for peace negotiations with Taliban. Every time, they are called for peace dialogs, we have witnessed losing tens of our innocent brothers and sisters, but they are still being called brothers, which is really not fair.