Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

The Expectation of People from the Government and Afghan Taliban Leaders

Following the recent advances of the Taliban in the countryside, they have also continued advances towards the center of provinces.  They have taken the control of several provinces in the northern and western parts of the country. In the latest case, the city of Sar-e Pul has also fallen like other provincial capitals that fully or partially fell under the control of the Taliban. These cities are Zaranj, the capital of western Nimroz province; the city of Shibirghan, the capital of northern Jawzjan province; the city of Kunduz, the capital of northern strategic Kunduz province; and Taleqan, the capital of another northern province in the country. In addition, several pro-government local militia commanders surrendered to the Taliban without a fight while others are daily hunted by assassination targets in Kabul and other provinces. These unilateral advances show the firm will of the Taliban for victory, but the firm will of the government for retreating and just ravings. 
The first expectation of people from the government is to bravely resist or leave. If the government cannot defend the people, it must not deepen the pains of the people. The people expect the government to provide them with clear responses that why some of the bases, districts, and provinces are left to the Taliban without any serious resistance. Before the government spokesmen justified the falls of districts as a tactical retreat so as to prevent the civilian causalities in the war field, but how do they justify the falls of provinces?  A few days ago, the president informed of a clear plan for re-capturing of the districts, but in practice, the center of provinces has successively collapsed. Therefore, the people are extremely tired of prodoxical promises, justifications, and ravings. In addition, the morale of the security forces has so lowered as in some cases the areas are surrendered to the Taliban without any resistance.  If the government and international community do not want to support the security forces, they should practically take action, and stop raving and promising.
The next expectation of people from the government is to equally and impartially use from the national facilities, power oneness against Taliban. Otherwise, the show of fall and silence will have bad consequences for the government, and the people. In a situation where the war has reached the homes of the people, imposing countless fiscal and human losses with displacing thousands of people, there is a rapid need for national convergence in the fight against the Taliban, but the Afghan government became more indifferent and centralized in a small circle marginalizing other groups in the country. Thus, the people's concerns about the fall of the districts and provinces to the Taliban are as serious as the significant silence of senior government officials showing that Afghanistan seems to have bad days ahead.
As a whole, if the government shows practical commitment to republic values and rule of law, the people are still committed to the protection of the republic system, but the weaknesses of the government have really tired everyone. According to experts, the weaknesses of the government are rooted in different issues such as the strategic leadership of the peace and war, lack of meritocratic standards in government institutions, the defensive position of security forces, lack of modern weapons and warring equipment, administrative corruption, lack of good coordination amongst the leadership of security forces, and infiltration of foreign intelligence in the government bodies are of the other chronic factors behind the rapid advances of the Taliban. If the government does not show the practical will to republic values, and if the government does not review its war plan and strategy, the security forces will entirely lose their morale and confidence, and then the Taliban will practically announce the victory of the emirate over the republic in the country.
It must be re-emphasized that the weaknesses of the government and the rapid advances of the Taliban with doubtful silence of the government have created serious skepticism and questions throughout the country. If the government wants to hand it over to the Taliban, why does it victimize thousands of people? If the government and international community do not wish to fight against the Taliban, why do they deepen the pain and afflictions of Afghan people? In some cases, such as fighting against corruption, rule of law, and seriousness against criminals, some people might, even, prefer the Taliban. Therefore, the Taliban is also expected to reform their deeds and behavior under the framework of national and international law. 
The Taliban are blamed for having no capacity and no motives to serve people and so they need to prove their meritocratic approach and capacity to provide public and administrative services. The Taliban are blamed for the destruction of the infrastructures and so they should control their commanders and fighters, especially their foreign fighters not destroy the public and private properties. Nearly a month ago, the government officials announced that the Taliban had imposed millions of losses on the country by the destruction of public facilities such as public roads, schools, clinics, and bridges. If the Taliban are really Afghan and want to govern on the people, they should overtly punish those who commit such crimes in the area under their control.
And finally, the Taliban is also blamed for not being incompatible with the requirement of times and modern values. Therefore, they are expected to adjust themselves to modern values such as equity, equality, justice, freedom, women’s right, freedom of speech, and so on. Instead of showing the power of their weapons, the Taliban show the power of their logic, program, and rationality. They should know that the contemporary generation and multi-ethnic society of Afghanistan are entirely in paradox to the monopolistic and obsolete version of the Emirate system and so the people expect the Taliban to chnage their minds and system.