Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, December 13th, 2018

Extremism in Universities!

Some university students in Afghanistan have expressed concern over the expansion of influence of extremist groups in the universities. In a report published on BBC Persian website, Farida, a Kabul university student has said that she did not receive a passing mark in a semester because her dressing style was not acceptable to one of the professors. One of the achievements of last ten years is progress in the field of education.

But unfortunately the progress seems to be just quantitative and lacks quality because universities are yet to produce knowledge scientifically. Religious schools or Madressahs are already training extremists in Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan.

It is extremely dangerous news to see that universities are also turning into incubators of extremists and extremist thoughts in the country. Extremism is an evil that can prevent a society from development and progression.

Employment of violent means is a distinctive feature of extremism. Over the last thirty years, Afghanistan has been through foreign occupation and ethnic conflict. The production of extremist thoughts may bring about a different type of conflict if it the current trend in the universities is not contained.

Usually these versions of religious interpretations are against women's freedom and meant to limit their freedom. For example, in the above mentioned report, Farida has said, "Some professors are extremists and have specific reading of Islam.

They interfere in private issues such as dressing style of students." Hemat, another student, has said that every week notices of anti-freedom slogans are distributed or posted on the doors of students' rooms. Afghan government must take necessary measures to tackle the issue so as to make sure that extremism is not taking the stead of mainstream moderation in the country.

There are much other great potential in Islamic faith that need to be realized. This can be realized only in a moderate and tolerant society where there is an acceptable level of freedom. Islamic countries where there moderate Islam prevails are more prosperous than the countries plagued by extremism and Islamic militancy.

Extremists can easily distort religious texts and build a violent society where the opportunity for growth and progression is taken away. There is no room for emergence of extremists. Afghanistan will continue to reel from the impacts of Taliban rule in the country for about five years.