Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, December 17th, 2018

Real Alternatives Must be Offered against Drug Trade

The growing rate of drug and narcotics trade in Afghanistan by countries from around the world with the Afghan warlords who are the main responsible behind pushing the life of new generations in inhuman condition today is continuingly getting deeper and serious. The use of drug being traded inside the country, not only affected the economy of our country, but an entire generation has been left without a normal life. Today around 70% of the funding for the Taliban comes from heroin industry.

Weeks later after the attack on the United States Twin Towers on Sept-11, 2001, Tony Blair with his party arranged a conference in which they declared Afghanistan groundwork to kill the insurgents and picking up the terror suspects to end instability in the country being brought by Taliban.

Among his objectives, he mainly focused to put down the Taliban-controlled Afghan drugs trade which he said was not only funding the terrorist campaign, but rather the ultimate source of fundraising for their battle-men and financing other powerful weaponry arsenal that is used to kill and injure the innocents around the world particularly in Afghanistan.

The horrible irony is that same industry is funding the Taliban forces against which our soldiers' lives are shortly pitting, and a great source of financial support for the roadside bombs which are being laid by insurgents and other terror network attackers.

Ten years after the drawdown of the Taliban have ended with much bloodshed, yet the deadly harvest remains unchecked in the country's poppy fields which supplies 98% of the heroin in the world. As the casualties, bomb-blasts, corruption, injustice and starvation mount in the country, the heroin trade continues to exact a terrible toll on the streets of Kabul. With an estimated 55,000 drug users in this country, the scale of human misery in terms of deaths, ravaged lives, fractured families and crime is immense. On this evidence, the ill-named "war on drugs" has proved as useless as the "war on terror" at reducing the supply of heroin.

It is about time our government and the international community flushed them down. And people need an answer from our government and other higher authorized personalities who always have big talks on taking action soon.

People really wonder, why have they failed continuously to stem the tide of human misery that flows from Afghanistan to each street around the world? Thus, what would be their next alternative options that they are going to use to tackle this hazard because it would not be fair to stop their income source by destroying their farms instead there must be another option through which they would be able to lead a normal life while they should also withdraw cultivating narcotics or poppy.

Drug and narcotic use among the new generations is becoming something very normal that puts the lives of children and youths at great risk while it is examining the real axis of evil that exists within Afghanistan's terrorist and criminal underworlds. Immediate impetus too must be taken to rinse out the ongoing corruption at the highest level of the Afghan establishment that allows the heroin trade to flourish around the world and around the streets inside the country.

Indeed, in Afghanistan looking at the social and economic factors that make illegal poppy production so attractive to the local farmers who have no other source of income or job opportunities. This is the best alternative for the farmers in Afghanistan to run their families. Genuine alternatives need to be offered to those same farmers and promises to boycott cultivating poppy.

As a matter of urgency, the world humanitarian groups and other drug enforcement agencies must turn their attention to combating the supply of narcotics by stemming the flow of heroin from Afghanistan before it gets too late.