Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

No Regional Stability without Peace in Afghanistan & Pakistan

Since 2001, when the United States launched the counter-terrorism war in Afghanistan, it has been calling Pakistan as one of its closest allies. Pakistan has cooperated with the US and in return it has received a consistent financial support from US. But now, the Pak-US relation seems to be the verge of collapse. That's due to the series of accusation games these two countries have been playing recently.

The US blames Pakistan for supporting terrorists in launching attacks against NATO forces in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, death of at least 26 Pakistanis soldiers and May 2 - US operation in Pakistan that hunted Osama bin Laden – considered violation of sovereignty by Pakistanis and have triggered the anger of Pakistani government and certain political parties.

Unfortunately, the growing tensions between the two import allies – i.e. Pakistan and the US – have had some very negative impacts on the situation in Afghanistan. For stability in Afghanistan, there is need for better relations among all the countries involved in here; specifically the Pak-US relations have to improve.

The success of US mission in Afghanistan largely depends on the cooperation from Pakistan. Therefore, the role of Pakistan is being considered pivotal to defeating terrorists in Afghanistan as the US troops are planning to the leave the country in the coming three years.

With all the speculation about the worsening Pak-US relations, a high-level US official has expressed optimism in this regard. According to U.S. Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta, there is need to work on a relationship even through bumps in the road and crises. Panettahas voiced confidence that the United States and Pakistan can patch up their differences, emphasizing that "ultimately, we can't win the war in Afghanistan without being able to win in our relationship with Pakistan as well."

Both Afghanistan and Pakistan are the victims of terrorism. In the same area, the terrorists have safe havens and that forms regional and global threats. According to Panetta, "If that region is ever going to find peace, it is going to happen not only by achieving stability in Afghanistan, but also by achieving some degree of stability in Pakistan as well."