Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Progress in Discussions, Hope for a Better Future

It is hoped that Afghanistan reaches to agreement with the United States of America on a long-term partnership between the two countries. It is also hoped that Afghanistan will strike deals with some other western powers as well. Ryan Crocker, the US ambassador to Afghanistan, said on Monday this week that there has been considerable progress in the discussions between the two sides.

He, however, said that he was not sure when it would be signed. Crocker said, "I absolutely cannot specify when it will be signed because it's still under negotiation but we have made considerable progress, it's a discussion between partners.

The Afghan and US sides share the same goals so it's a very constructive and positive discussion." Afghan people hope that this agreement will lead to clarity in policies pursued by the US and international community in terms of bringing an end to the long suffering of Afghan people as well as helping it restore economic system and reconstructing the country.

Afghan people believe that the US would come to treat Afghanistan as a long term partner once the foundation for this partnership is laid down by singing the agreement. Afghan people are well cognizant of the bitter fact that their country is in a neighborhood laden with hostilities and strategic miscalculations.

There are elements lurking for opportunity to continue to work for a government that is weak and serves their purposes. Afghan people know very well that on their own they are not in a position to deal with these external threats and overcome the challenges that they face from inside the country.

International community has committed to maintain their support beyond 2014 when international forces are supposed to complete the transition of security responsibility to Afghan security forces. Both Afghan government and international community feel the need for such a long-term commitment.

British Foreign Secretary William Jefferson Hague has said that "We have said very clearly that our forces will not be in a combat role after 2014, but I have reiterated very strongly at this conference that that we will be there with Afghanistan in so many other ways with diplomacy, with trade, with aid, with economic cooperation and with training." A stable Afghanistan must be the end state if international support and aid are to be brought to an end.