Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, October 21st, 2018

Accusations Can’t Solve Our Problems

2011 has not been good for Pak-US relations. The killing of Osama bin Laden on Pakistani land and death of 24 Pakistan soldiers at Af-Pak border region as result of NATO strike have had a great role in tuning the Pak-US relations so acrimoniously. Afghanistan has, unfortunately, had a sandwich-like state. The worsening of ties between countries that have been closely working to counter terrorism in the last decade is having some serious negative impacts on Afghanistan.

The US and Afghanistan accuse Pakistan for supporting insurgents. Al Qaida, Haqqani Network, Lashkair e Jangvi and Taliban are believed to directly receiving funds, weapons and training from Pakistan. Nonetheless, Pakistan not only pronounces these accusation as 'baseless' but also blames Karzai administration for letting Afghanistan be used against Pakistan.

Anti-Pakistan sentiment is growing in Afghanistan with every suicide attack that takes place here. The reason is quite clear. Afghan government holds Pakistan responsible for every terror attack and for engineering assassination of high profile Afghan figures.

For the Tuesday's attack on the Muharram procession that took lives of about sixty people, President Karzai once again pointed its finger at Pakistan. Although Lashkar e Janvi, a Pakistan based terror network has claimed the responsibility, Pakistan government has demanded proofs from its Afghan counterpart. Pakistan has said it wants to put an end to the blame game and cooperate to move Afghanistan towards peace and stability. That is something Pakistan always says.

The call of time is that Afghan government should not wait for Pakistan to come and solve its problems but do what it can to secure lives of its people. Pakistan may be involved in exporting suicide bombers to Afghanistan and Afghan government, as it claims, knows it.

Then why the Afghan government does not take measures to stop entry of terrorists into Afghanistan rather than blaming Pakistan. Afghanistan has had no gains by continuing the blame games. It should concentrate on tightening its borders by employing more strict controls there.

Need to mention, currently the border shared between Pakistan and Afghanistan goes highly uncontrolled and serves as medium for illegal transport of opium, weapons, terrorists and other stuff. Afghan government is, disappointingly, not doing what it can do to prevent insurgents' attacks that take lives of innocent Afghans on daily basis.